NBA YoungBoy Releases New Song, “Death Enclaimed” and its Fire…Do you agree?

The talented young rapper has lit up the Internet with hits on his video for the latest tune and I must admit I think it’s a good song, so I have no qualms the song will be a wildly successful hit. Has anybody heard the song? Have any of you seen the video for “Death Enclaimed”? Well I have and I am enjoying the tune.

Check out the video:

( Posted on You Tube by YoungBoy Never Broke Again )

It is a bit dark, but catchy. Typical Young Boy, he doesn’t disappoint. Once again the rapper opens up about his life in the song and the accompanying video where he shows a closer look into his personal life.

The rapper, who is named Kentrell Gaulden, features his children in the video in many touching scenes. It sheds some light into the psyche of the rapper who was once widely known as, YoungBoy Never Broke Again. It gives us another side of him to focus on. I for one would like to send some love……..

I’m excited to see if the single will be well received. Also, according to, rapper NBA Young Boy and Rich the Kid are supposedly dropping a joint collaboration in the form of a mix-tape named, “Nobody Safe” in July 2020. Will you be checking that out?

Hey check out this video by a You Tuber that I support and if you like his commentary you should too. He posted this a video about Young Boy and Tekashi 6ix 9ine that WTWS thinks is interesting: (Snake Eyes, I hope this gets you some subscribers, your content is the bomb!)

(Posted on You Tube by Bomb 1st TV)

So leave a comment about “ Death Enclaimed”. Once again, have you heard the song or checked out the video? Are you a YoungBoy fan? Do you support his music? Are you going to get the alleged  collab with Rich the Kid when it drops?

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