Sorry to inform you Ma’am it is Not Your Constitutional Right to Spread COVID-19 So Wear a Mask

If you have been on social media then you have seen them, women refusing to wear a mask but still insisting on going into stores and being allowed to shop. Who does that? I too watch in amusement as a irate woman screams into the face of the store clerk, “This is America, and I have rights!”.

Really? What did I miss?

Since when do you have the right to spread coronavirus?  In a nation unable to handle the growing pandemic you would think, the mothers, the wives, the bearers of that wonderful feminine energy, would have a heart. Couldn’t you be a little less entitled and slip on a mask to shop? What if it meant it would be to the benefit of the whole collective?

When stated like that, it amazes me that some women still cannot seem to slip a mask on just to run in to the local Target or Wal-Mart and get a few items. How selfish can you be?

I get it. Every time I walk around with one of those stupid, claustrophobic inducing contraptions on my face, I feel silly. A couple of times I had to pull mine down to get a good gasp of air. They can be hot at times you know. I can even admit, I get mad that I have to wear one, but if the alternative is spreading COVID-19 to an immune system ill equipped to handle it, I rather wear one.

But no, there seems to be a growing sentiment in America that not only are masks unnecessary but the media somehow is spreading fake news about a pandemic that is taking the lives of people all over the world. And even with credible reports that Americans are still dying in the United States from the deadly onslaught, many are going mask free.


Okay, I don’t always wear a mask. I keep it around my neck in the parking lot, and I slip it on when I go in the store. But if instructed to wear one, I wear one or I don’t go shopping. And I have increasingly been wearing these masks, I promise you! 

I can’t see myself going onto private property, (as let’s say I don’t know maybe a SUPERMARKET) and being told to put on a mask or leave, and then throwing a fit, and not only refusing to wear one but refusing to leave. My excuse certainly wouldn’t be it is my constitutional right to trespass on private property and give everybody my cooties in the process. I’m just not that self -centered.

But if you do feel that entitled, shame on you for putting your life above the lives of other people because you may be inconvenienced. You could be harming the babies, the elderly, and the predisposed.

Maybe you can have a change in that black heart of yours, couldn’t you? Pretty please ma’am can you not kill us all, please with a cherry on top?

So yes, I guess I am appealing to those of you who maybe didn’t see it as entitled behavior, even though you are unable to explain how protecting others from a deadly pandemic encroaches on the rights given to you by the forefathers.

I mean you could always just order your groceries online and have them delivered to your home princess or did American soldiers die for your right to stroll along the aisles aimlessly spreading death.

Need an example of a lady, tripping? Yes this is how you might look:

(Posted on YouTube by NowThis News)

Is it really worth all of this to get some groceries?

Need info on the right types of masks to wear? Check this out:

COVID-19 Is In Full Swing So What Kinds of Covering or Face Masks Will Keep You Safe? – When This Woman Speaks

I hope everyone is trying your best to remain safe. We want to get to the point where we are back to normal as a country. There is no need for anymore Americans to die if we all buckle down and adhere to a little inconvenience but Americans are responding in crazy ways to the mandates to socially distance and to wear masks.

I have chalked it up to the surge in narcissistic displays that have been recorded on cell phones and then posted to social media. The entitlement while sometimes amusing can be downright outrageous and all of the hoop da la just because some people do not want to wear masks? Have you seen the videos?

Well the entitlement is ridiculous and reckless in my opinion. And while the title may lead you to believe it is just women behaving badly, there are quite a few men cutting up in public as well. My best advice is just wear the masks because the sooner you do the sooner we can all get back to some sort of normalcy.

I’m just saying, please knock it off its really not about you, its about the rest of us who want to eventually see the pandemic end. And I say all this with the utmost sincerity; we are all tired of this God awful pandemic so get on board and wear the stupid mask. Your fellow corona virus free American thanks you.

What are your thoughts?

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