Tekashi 6ix 9ine and Nicki Minaj Go #1 for “Trollz” Congratulations But You Might Want To Be Humble

Congratulations to 6ix 9ine and Nicki Minaj for having the top song in the country. And they did it without radio play or even support from most of the music industry. Nicki Minaj thanked her fans in a video. Tekashi, after gloating, also thanked the fans but…..his video is problematic.

First of all, why are you yelling? Second of all why are you repeatedly using the “n-word”?

I mean why all the hostility?

I think I know why. You can get the views but you can’t get the love. You are a novelty. You will never have the respect of your peers and all of your love comes from little kids. The same kids will love you one minute then drag you on social media the next.

For all your money, you can’t even come outside. Whenever your address is leaked you have to go on the run. And rather than be humble? You chose to scream and rant and try to bait people into responding.

All I have to say is let’s keep watching these antics. Because we have seen what happens when celebrities are not humble. Karma is coming 6ix 9ine. You would want to stop it. Show real love to those little kids who boosted you to the top and stop trying to troll and gloat. YOU DID IT WITHOUT HELP? Nope, those fans helped you.

Do you remember I wrote this? :

It is being reported that Tekashi 6ix 9ine is accused of buying views on You Tube.

Why does this matter?

As soon as Tekashi got out, he began trolling and releasing music .6ix Nine just released new music with Nicki Minaj. They just did collaboration on a song called “Trollz”.

I have a post on that song being released here is the link: 6ix 9ine and Nicki Minaj release new track “Trollz”


He has been supposedly breaking records on most views on You Tube, and now that it is being reported some of the views are FAKE.

But are you surprised that he would do some underhanded things behind the scene?

This is a man that put several Black men in jail for double digits. And why is that?

Because, according to him they had sex with the mother of his first child while he was still in a relationship with. He also said that members of his inner circle were robbing him by taking bookings and keeping a large portion of his earnings because he did not know the real amount.

Basically he feels justified “tattle telling” on men that he ordered to commit crimes on his behalf. But he wants to out other rappers for cooperation with the authorities. So I can believe he will do anything for attention.

Including paying for views, but the kicker is he accuses other artists of doing the same thing. He accused Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber of doing some underhanded tactics.

Like I said.  

Sit it on down and be humble because this will not end well, okay? But we all will continue to watch this train wreck. But ,once again, congratulations Nicki Minaj oh yeah, you too 6ix 9ine.

(Posted on You Tube by Hassan Campbell)

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