6 Ways to Get Revenge on a Narcissist

Disclaimer:  If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, I advise you to seek professional counseling and at the end of this article I will include some resources that may help. If you insist on going there I do have some strategies that will assist you in getting a revenge on a narcissist. Beware if you cause a “narcissistic injury”, the narcissist will want to make you pay. I say just escape from the disordered and get in a healthy situation. Know that, the best revenge on the narcissist is to go on with your life and heal from their abuse… But if you insist on getting revenge? READ ON…..


  1. SMILE

A narcissist will take pleasure in seeing you unhappy. Your pain, your sorrow? Is their pleasure and their delight. So whenever you are around your narcissist? Smile. In the face of their rude remarks, frowned up displeasure, and blatant disrespect? Smile. Nothing pisses a narcissist off more than knowing they can’t spoil your day. And trust me; dealing with a narcissist will spoil your day. 


A narcissist craves attention. It is one of their favorite drugs. Ignore their calls. Go ghost. Evade any communication at all. Want to take it up a notch? Go to an event and act like you don’t see them. Your narcissist will be fit to be tied.


A lot of what a narcissist does when it comes to communication can be considered verbal abuse. Whenever they want to speak, interrupt. Basically, be the rude people they are to other people. It will go against everything that you have been taught. You may have been taught that it is rude to interrupt others, so you have spent your life not interrupting others.

Well, a narcissist has no problem dominating conversations. Interrupting them may be the only way to get a word in otherwise. And once you start interrupting? Don’t stop. Continuously interrupt them and otherwise dominate the conversation. Do not give them an opportunity to “gas light” or play mind games with you. Do not give them the opportunity to triangulate you or gossip about others to you.   


If a narcissist insists that you interact with them? Act like you are completely clueless. For example,  if they are retelling a story keep a completely blank facial expression. Narcissists often use other’s reactions and corroborations  to their stories to fuel their egos and need for constant attention. Just do a technique called, “go dumb”. Act like you are confused or don’t remember. This will be so frustrating to the narcissist when you do not comply.


Narcissist love to sully your reputation but you can get revenge on them by sullying their reputations first. You can do this by warning others about them. It can help if you can get other people that the narcissist has harmed to vouch for your explanation of the narcissist. I would not advise letting the narcissist that you plan to expose them. If for any reason a narcissist gets the idea that you are against them, a narcissist will goon the offense and they are known for being good purveyors of revenge.


As stated before, narcissists are notorious for using other people’s reaction as fuel. One of the ways you can get the ultimate revenge on a narcissist is to not react to their behavior. This is sometimes very difficult to do, especially with the more overt kind, but it is well worth the discomfort it causes the narcissist.


If you cause a “narcissistic injury”, a narcissist will want to see you suffer. Do not attempt revenge on a narcissist that has threatened you with bodily harm or harmed you physically. Even a non violent narcissist will resist the threat to their fragile ego. If you attempt to get revenge on a narcissist you may be a target of their rage. They will try to destroy you and they will not stop until they see you in emotional and, or physical pain. Is it worth it to have a lifelong enemy? Someone that is always plotting your demise?

I know it hard to believe but often narcissist abuse is not personal. They will prey on anyone who is around. They are disordered people. So is it really worth going there with them?

The best revenge? When you know that someone is a narcissist? Cut them out of your life. Disengage. Seek help to understand why you attract disordered people in your life. You deserve to be in happy, healthy relationships.


Often, it feels like the abuse that the narcissist heaped on to us has bound them to us. This is because often we are “trauma bonded” to them. We need to learn healthy ways to break that bond.

More about breaking the ties that bind, and “trauma bonding”  in a  later article. Narcissistic abuse can lead to an immense amount of psychological trauma for its victims.

It’s important to heal the deep psychological damage that the victim of narcissistic abuse has suffered. It is normal to want to get revenge on anyone who has caused such a pain.

It is my opinion it would be better to rebuild your self esteem and focus on your mental health and your overall better well being.

Need help with healing from narcissistic abuse? For more information on narcissistic abuse recovery I chose to add some websites that may be helpful for you to visit:

Narcissistic Abuse – Healing and Recovery

Did you find anything helpful from the post? Care to share your experience with a narcissist? Were any of the websites I included at the end helpful with your recovery from narcissistic abuse?

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