You Tube Spotlight: The Rise of Trap Lore Ross

In this post I want to feature one of the best Vloggers that cover topics referring to the Hip Hop genre, Trap Lore Ross. I follow him on You Tube and if you are a fan of Hip- Hop you will too. He is just that good.

His commentary is insightful and well thought out. He makes a statement and then proves it with video evidence. He has a series on Tekashi 6ix 9ine, and if you know any other Vlogger that covered 6ix 9ine more comprehensively, please leave a comment.

He literally covered his whole career thus far. From Birth intil he went to prison was all covered by TLR, he didn’t miss a thing. From Bodega Danny trying to get put on to when he got arrested, TLR gives you the major details and backs it up with video evidence. And in a few videos, he had his hair died in rainbow colors, with a replica of 6ix 9ine facial tattoos shouting, “Treway!”


But if you think his only intent is to dis 6ix 9ine? He doesn’t. Yeah he is critical, but fair. He talks about his failed career as a rapper. And rather than whine and complain about making it? He makes his own commercials for the sponsors who advertise on his channel using his talent as a rapper and they are some of the most creative advertisements I have seen on a channel that caters to hip hop.

He is a bonafide hip hop historian. He really know his stuff. He covered the origins of rap in such a way that made me forget, Dude is not an American. He is from the UK! You know you love hip hop when you dig up facts long forgotten and once again he backs it up with video evidence.

The difference between TLR and other people that do what he does? You can tell he really cares. He always gives his subscribers a shout out at the end of his videos and it always seems to come from a place of genuine humbleness.

When I first came across his channel, I had been watching another video. The video ended and he was the next video queue to talk about the subject but the English accent through me off. I was about to click off his but I decided to give him a chance and Im glad I did. You should too. He barely had any subscribers when I started watching him.I watched his channel explode with subscribers because his videos are quality.

Check him out, because he really is one of the bloggers who out to have millions of subscribers. I hope this post helps to grow his audience. His hard work and dedication will eventually get him there.

What are your thoughts?

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