YK Osiris Was Down With the Get Down Until Pooh Shiesty Challenged Him to Fight

The pandemic has forced celebrity entertainers to get creative when it comes to making money but they also want to stay relevant. Without concert dates or performing, many rappers have felt the crunch. Attention is constantly fleeting, and more rappers know how get attention on Social Media.

Enter, YK Osiris. He has been boxing a number of rappers. Whose on the list? Designer, Lil Tay, Blueface, and Tory Lanez  to name a few. Did I miss someone?

He challenged Drake to fight. Could you picture Drake in somebody’s backyard, scrapping with anybody let alone YK Osiris. But you got to respect the hustle. He was with the business, so we thought. Until….

Along comes Pooh Shiesty and all of a sudden YK Osiris announces he doesn’t box anymore.  Wow. What is it about Pooh Shiesty?

The rapper, born as Osiris Williams became popular recently with hits such as “Worth It”. He has talent. He is a rapper and singer but do we add boxer to his resume?

In the professional boxing arena, boxers are often criticized for not taking fights. You have those who take all contenders and for that they get a lot of respect. Then you have those who duck, dodge, hem and haw… rather than admit they are scared.

So shot out to YK Osiris for throwing in the towel. I think Drake summed it up best when responding to YK Osiris’ challenge, after YK Osiris stated he was just playing. Drake gave the perfect come back. Check Instagram for the interactions and you will get a clear picture.

YK Osiris: “Im trnna box u know lol. Im jp u gonna beat df out of me.”

Drake: “ Least you know your limits”.

Watch this….

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What are your thoughts?

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