Combat the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 by using White Vodka to Clean

I remember watching television shows and seeing them do a strange thing. They would pour liquor onto wounds. As the actor would scream in pain, the person doing the pouring would always declare that the liquor would keep the wound from becoming infected. If you are a hard alcohol drinker you know sometimes straight undiluted liquor it tends to burn going down just imagine having to pour it on a bullet wound?


I’m sure that someone else reading this has had the experience of seeing this phenomenon on television as well and has figured out that if there are no other medical related products available; booze can be used as a disinfectant in a pinch.

There is a valid reason to why hard liquor also is called, alcohol. It has properties within it that will disinfect and kill germs. And while if we really had to, we may pour some Vodka on a wound, but I bet none of you reading this has thought about popping open a bottle of Absolut and mopping your floors with it.

Besides drinking we all know that alcohol has other uses. I had no idea that you could use vodka to clean your house and I am convinced that I am not the only one. But you can use it to clean you house, keep reading and I will show you some information on how to do so.


There is a reason why I did not just say clean your house with just any hard liquor. This is not a situation where if you run out of Pine-Sol you should just grab the left over Brandy and wipe your counters with it. White Vodka has a particular quality that makes it compatible with using it as a household cleaner. What is this particular quality?

The way it smells or the lack of smell. White Vodka is odorless when it dries.

I get why many would be wary of using Vodka to clean. Ever been in a crowded nightclub and someone actually spilled a drink on you and now you smell like a that drink? Or accidentally spilled a drink on the floor of your living room and the smell of liquor was overpowering? Again, White Vodka odorless when it dries. So stop being wary of using it.

But if you still are apprehensive, take a plate and wipe it with a paper towel that was dipped in White Vodka and then let it dry completely. Do you still smell the alcohol?


The coronavirus is not a new virus but COVID-19 is a new strain of the coronavirus family of virus. These viruses can cause a variety of illnesses. The symptoms of the illnesses range from a common cold to the flu. COVID-19 can be deadly and we still do not know everything about it. One of the things we do know is that keeping our areas clean and disinfected helps to slow the spread of the virus. Slowing the spread of coronavirus will help to gain control over the amount of people being infected while medical professionals learn more about the deadly virus.

Interested in other cleaning products you can use to combat the COVID-19? I have another article about cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide. Its called, “Combat the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 by using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean”

Here is the link:

Make a Household Cleaner with White Vodka

Making your own cleaner with White Vodka is fairly simple and inexpensive. First, what kind of Vodka do you use? Now don’t go out and buy the most Vodka you can find. This Vodka is not for drinking it’s for cleaning. So this is a time when you should go with the cheapest, most inexpensive plain White Vodka you can find.

You need an empty spray bottle that is appropriate to use. Spray bottles are easy to come by. They sell them at the dollar store or at Wal-Mart usually where the household cleaning products are located. They are usually about a buck.

Remember, this will be an actual cleaning product so you should try to make a label for the spray bottle. It would be nice if it included the information that most household cleaners have on it but, no need to be too elaborate.

The point is you don’t want anyone spraying it and being injured by the contents. Write with a sharpie on masking tape “CAUTION” or “HAZZARD”, “DANGER” or some variation of that. That should be enough to let it be known that care should be taken with the contents. Let’s move on.

Formula for Cleaner:

1/2 cup White Vodka (or cleaning alcohol alternative)

10 drops lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil

1 1/2 cups water

Laundry tip:

Do you have a load of smelly, sweaty, mildewed or otherwise putrid smelling clothing?

Use White Vodka to get smells out of your clothing. Add half a cup of it to your laundry and wash your smelly clothing with it and plain water. Then run the same load of clothing again using your regular detergent. The White Vodka will get the smell out of the load of clothes.

Vodka safety:

Not only should you remember to keep liquor put away from children, remember to keep all cleaners made from White Vodka out of reach from pets. You can also do this also by making sure surfaces and items cleaned with White Vodka are completely dry before allowing any usage.

If you need more information on what the CDC recommends you clean with to combat the corona virus check this out:

What are your thoughts? Have you ever used White Vodka to clean?

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