5 Gift Ideas That Celebrate Father’s Day Applying the 5 Love Languages

As a nation, we show or mothers lots of love on Mother’s Day. But a lot of people for some reason don’t keep the same energy for Father on his day. It gives the impression that Father’s are not as important to their children. But that is not true.

This Father’s Day here are some ways to show your love using your father’s love language. Gary Chapman wrote a book about it and he says there are 5 love languages.

Here is a video on found on YouTube:

What if you gave your father a gift according to his love language? The following suggestions are not mutually exclusive and are interchangeable. Let’s get started…

Words of Affirmation

Gift ideas

Why not go online and order a personalized book where you affirm the bond between you and your father. You can also have a book made that includes sentimental stories about your good times with your dad.

You can gift your dad with a personalized bookmark that has affirming statements written by you.

If you are a crafts person, you can make a handwritten Father’s Day card that includes affirmations and your own artwork or decorations.

You can print your father’s favorite positive sayings and frame them in a fancy frame.

Quality Time

Gift ideas       

I have a great suggestion if your father believes in quality time. I f your father is receptive to it, take him on a spa day. Or if you are inclined to do so have a spa day at your home with the services coming from you.

Or if he likes to go out to a particular restaurant with his significant other, give him a gift card. You could even took him out or serve him at home.

Receiving Gifts

Gift ideas

This is self explanatory, but here is a way you can express gift giving that makes it unique.

For example, if your father has a birthday in the month of June, give him a small gift everyday of his birth month.

Acts of Service

Gift ideas

You could offer to clean your dad’s, home or vehicle. You could volunteer in his name and let the organization send him a thank u note. You could also sign your dad up to volunteer as well.  

Physical Touch

Gift ideas

You can treat your dad to a personalized massage of have a masseuse do it. You can get gift certificates for a free massage for a year. Hugs will work for this dad as well. Another cute idea is to do a hug session as if it were a Soul Train line and have love ones and siblings go down the line hugging your Dad.

So if there was a moral to this posting it would be to remember to show LOVE! Have a happy holiday and enjoy your Dad. The most important thing is not the gifts that cost money. The most important thing to remember is that you have a dad to show love to and that within itself is a blessing. Do you agree?

What are your thoughts? What are you doing for your dad on his day?

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Gary Chapman (1992). The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

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