Decorating a Bedroom for a Toddler

The emphasis of this article is for an individual toddler’s room. If you are interested in some tips on a multi- toddler sleeping environment or other types of bedrooms for other age groups, drop a comment and I will create that content in the near future for all of you to enjoy.


A toddler is usually between the ages of twelve to thirty-six months or one to three years old. A toddler is more advanced and independent than an infant but they still need sleeping areas and bedrooms that take comfort and safety in mind. They are smaller than children and that makes them vulnerable.

Beyond size, toddlers are also in tuned with the sensory. You may have to adapt your toddler’s room for sound, lighting, cold or warmth.



One of the central components of a bedroom is the bed. The unique challenges of creating a bed room for a toddler are the bed that the child will sleep on. If you are already using a crib from when your toddler was an infant, you will need to transition to a different bed.

You should take in to account the size, age and maturity of your toddler. For example, a younger toddler may still long for the comfort of their crib that they have been sleeping in. In that case your toddler’s room may consist of a crib as the bed. That is perfectly okay. But be aware that your toddler cannot sleep in a crib forever. There are an array of beds and sleeping components that your child can transition to.


Toddler beds are a great transition from a crib. It is designed with the toddler in mind. Most come with rails that offer safety until they can be removed when the toddler is used to the independence of the toddler bed and is more comfortable sleeping without the railing.


Some toddlers may be rather tall or large and require a larger space to sleep comfortably. Some toddlers are able to climb in and out of a regular bed safely and without assistance. If that is the case you may add twin size bed to your toddler’s bedroom.

Full Size or Larger Beds

While it may sometimes be appropriate to have larger beds for toddlers I would advise against any bed larger than a twin size bed.


A tent can be fun to sleep in. Make sure the tent is safe, roomy, and spacious. You may temporarily use a tent when your older toddler may have a sleep over. A tent can be used as an area for a sick child as a fun place to re-cooperate from an illness.


Every toddler’s bedroom should have safe places to play. Maximize space and preserve a clutter free space with room for toys to be navigated freely. Make sure play areas have spaces for storage of toys and play items. Using a variety of storage items can maximize space. You can include bins and totes that can double as places for a small child to sit or use to climb.


Toys are a very important part of all toddler’s live so it only makes sense that toys will be an important part of a toddler’s room.


Younger toddlers who still can’t read yet can still enjoy books in their room. Older toddlers who may be able to read will benefit from access to literature.

Every toddler’s bedroom should have safe places to read. In a larger bedroom you can put a bookshelf in a corner filled with all of your child’s books. You can put a toddler size table and a couple of chairs by the bookcase to encourage your child to sit and read solo or with a friend.


Every toddler’s bedroom should have safe places for a toddler to just be quiet. Earlier in the post I brought up the use of a tent when the child is sick. Where in the room can the tent be placed that is quiet? What if the child wanted to sit and gaze quietly out of their bedroom window? You can equip the toddler’s bedroom with a bench by their window as a place for them to do so.


Toddlers love to learn. The truth is they may like being alone in their bedrooms sometimes. Other than just leaving them to their own devices or to play with toys, why not provide a little interactive learning to their rooms?


You can put the alphabet and numbers on the walls of your toddler’s bedroom. You can also put your child’s name on the wall as a way of teaching them how to spell their name. Numbers on the walls can lead to recognition of the shapes of numbers.

Safety mirrors can be put on the walls to help your child recognize their face and to teach them to recognize the parts of the body and how they look.


As any caregiver of a growing toddler knows, each one of them has their own unique personality. A bedroom is a place where that unique personality can be showcased and put on display.

Yes, you can put pink for girls or blue for infants but why not take it further? Weave in and incorporate yellow and pink or red and pink. Sass up a baby blue painted room with touches of navy accent pillows or black wall decals.

Did your daughter watch a fabulous female character on television and fall in love? Did your son watch a male character in a movie and become obsessed with being him? Now is the chance to show your child’s love for a character by decorating their bedroom with bedding and other character based items.

Here is a video of someone including toddler room organization ideas with your budget in mind:

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