6ix 9ine and Nicki Minaj release new track “Trollz”

He is back, free, and as controversial as ever. 6ix 9ine, also known as, Tekashi 6ix9ine, is talented at creating and courting controversy. So, it doesn’t surprise me that he can get people to be interested in his story, and the story is interesting and rapidly changing.

You are left to always wonder, what will happen next?

Well next is here. Now he is doing another song with Nicki Minaj called “Trollz”. The two previously did a song released in 2018 called “Fefe”. The song was produced by Murda Beatz and reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

I anticipate ” Trollz” will be madly successful as well.

6ix 9ine has had a lot of success despite the controversy that surrounds his career. Nicki Minaj is a talented rap superstar that is not a stranger to controversy herself. Hate her or love her you cannot deny the fact she has dominated the rap game and has gotten further that most women in hip hop and rap.

She has been recently criticized for a slew of offenses and through it all she keeps releasing music. May 2020 she collaborated with Doja Cat and released a remix of Doja Cat’s song, “Say So”. The song was the first number on single for both women on the Billboard Hot 100.

That accomplishment was somewhat overshadowed by the controversy involving Doja Cat. Doja Cat had a lot of drama going on and it was being spoken about and it got in the way of all the praise and admiration that should of come these artists way.

The Doja Cat need not be discussed at length in this article, but if you are interested, her plight inspired me to write about afro- textured hair.

Check out my article ,”How to Love and Care for Your 4 C Hair”

Here is the link:


So the choice Minaj made to pair up with 6ix 9ine, again, is surprising since there was a lot of criticism of her working with the rainbow haired rapper the first time.

Why work with him this time? What is in it for Nicki Minaj especially since all the legal issues that have transpired since that song for the embattled 6ix 9ine.

(If anyone is interested, I have been following the saga that is, Tekashi 6ix 9ine, and if anyone is interested I will be writing a more comprehensive article that will be released at a later date. Is anyone interested in that? Lets move on.)

Why would a well established mega star like, Minaj, take a chance on another round of criticism for working with the self entitled “snitch”?

Because the song is sure to be a hit, that’s why.

I, for one, am happy for her. You have to admire someone who just keeps coming back and staying relevant and current in a business that is quick to lose interest and move on. Nicki Minaj has proven she is not going anywhere without making sure her mark in the history of rap is so far up the next rap queen will have big shoes to follow.

6ix 9ine is only twenty four and in a short span of time manages to spark the interest of main stream media in a way that is quite amazing. He captivates with the rainbow hair, and the gravel of a voice he raps with.

He may have seemed to drop into rap seemingly out of and while his rise may be recent, and only happened in recent years, there is a hustle that it seems to me, he wants us to respect. I think it’s because he is not suppose to be here and nobody seems to grasp that concept more than him.

There may have genuinely been a time when he may have been at awe at his unbelievably fast accent in the rap game, but the time of him being humble at success is over. Humility, if it was ever genuinely there to begin with at the start his career, is not here now. Some say that people should stop talking about him, and just let him fade away. Some understand why 6ix9ine is somewhat cocky. He is not supposed to be.

He is not supposed to be a star. His background is such that he is certainly not supposed to be a hip hop star. His life is such that he was supposed to fizzle out. Let’s just be honest. He comes off as a gimmick. There is a lot of dramatics and calamity that follows the character sometimes called “69” or “Tekashi”. But once he sparked the interest of the main stream, he was the one who kept interest in his story. He has a hate him or love him personality…..but he gets you to focus on the in between.

The song is currently 69cents…..(Proceeds from the single will benefit The Bail Project Inc.)

What are your thoughts?

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