Combat the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 by Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean


A friend mentioned to me that his grandmother used to use hydrogen peroxide to clean her home when he was a boy. I can honestly say the use of hydrogen peroxide as a household cleaner is a new thing for me.

When I was growing up we used bleach to clean and disinfect. We also used ammonia on occasion . I can also remember Pine- Sol was often used to sanitize, but not hydrogen peroxide. I personally use the household cleaner “Fabuloso” religiously but bleach is something I use to disinfect my bathroom and kitchen.

So when my friend happened to mention hydrogen peroxide as a household cleaner, I was surprised. I did some research online and was really amazed that hydrogen peroxide is so widely used as a disinfectant in hospitals and other medical environments. Hydrogen peroxide is added to household cleaners because of the oxidation power it can add.

We all know that hydrogen peroxide can be used on minor scrapes and bruises, but a little known fact is that hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective cleaning agent. Yes, that brown bottle we all have around just in case we need to disinfect a paper cut, is also a great tool to use in the fight against the coronavirus which as we know because of recent events has proven to be deadly.


The coronavirus is not a new virus but COVID-19 is a new strain of the coronavirus family of virus. These viruses can cause a variety of illnesses. The symptoms of the illnesses range from a common cold to the flu. COVID-19 can be deadly and we still do not know everything about it. One of the things we do know is that keeping our areas clean and disinfected helps to slow the spread of the virus. Slowing the spread of coronavirus will help to gain control over the amount of people being infected while medical professionals learn more about the deadly virus.


You should first clean a surface with soap and water to remove dirt and substances from it. After a surface is cleaned thoroughly then a disinfectant is applied to hard, non-porous surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide is a valuable disinfectant against a host of bacteria and viruses including, COVID-19.

To use as a disinfectant, spray on surfaces after cleaning. Spray and allow hydrogen peroxide to remain on a surface for a minute or two before wiping completely off.

Hydrogen peroxide is a safer alternative to using chlorine bleach and many other household cleaners that contain chemicals that are known to be harmful to humans. You should still use gloves and take precaution when using hydrogen peroxide. And that is a good rule to apply when using any substance to clean. *


Did you know hydrogen peroxide can be used when washing laundry as you would bleach? It will actually whiten and brighten your whites just like bleach does so it can be used in place of bleach. Bleach can turn whites that are made with natural fabrics a yellowish or off -white color. When you use hydrogen peroxide you often do not have to deal with the problems of discoloration so use hydrogen peroxide in your laundry to boost cleaning power. Do not mix hydrogen peroxide with chlorine bleach but hydrogen peroxide can improve the performance when combined with your laundry detergent.

*Please, follow all directions and warnings on the labels of these products and if need be, look up these products online to get more information about the product. Before using hydrogen peroxide on surfaces you should test a tiny part of the surface and heed manufacturer recommendations for cleaning.


At the date of this post, has Swan Hydrogen Peroxide on sale for $0.93.

(The manufacturer Swan sells a Hydrogen Peroxide topical solution of 3% for around a dollar nationally.)

If you need more information on what the CDC recommends you clean with to combat the corona virus check this out:

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